2018 officers

2018 Fire Officers

Chief: Thomas Mattingly

Deputy Chief: TJ Wojton

Lieutenant: Darius LoBello

 Chief Engineer: John Kohler

Assistant Engineer: Joel Tamburro

2018 Fire Police

Fire Police Officers

FP 79-1 Don Raudenbush

FP 79-2 Ashley Rose

FP 79-3 Keith Kachel

FP 79-4 John Kohler

FP 79-5 George Harmansky

FP 79-6 Amanda Heimbach

FP 79-7 

FP 79-8 

FP 79-9 

Probationary Fire Police

FP 79-11 Andy Raudenbush

FP 79-12 Stan Petrikis

FP 79-13 Ed Murray

FP 79-14 Joe Oberholtzer

FP 79-15

Reserve Fire Police Officers

FP 79-16 Sharon Hausman

FP 79-17 

FP 79-18 

FP 79-19 Bob Kerekes

FP 79-20 TJ Wojton  

FP 79-21 Martin Schreiber

FP 79-22 Tom Mattingly

FP 79-23 William Marsden

FP 79-24 David Raudenbush

FP 79-25 Jim Folk

FP 79-26

Shartlesville lights and sirens parade 2017

Engine 79-2 seen at Shartlesville, Pennsylvania.

🚒🚨Fire trucks but no fire! 🚨🚒

It’s the annual Shartlesville Volunteer Firemans’ Parade!  Volunteer fire companies from far and wide come for the day-long event – including 15 minutes worth of sirens and waving that goes right past our house. Thanks to all the brave men and women who are fire & rescue volunteers! 🚒💖🚒

Volunteers wanted.

The Upper Pottsgrove Fire Company No. 1 welcomes you to become part of a long- standing tradition dating back to the time of Benjamin Franklin.

The Volunteer fire service.
 There is no greater, longer running expression of volunteerism in the United States than that of the volunteer fire service. Unfortunately, in the past two decades there has been a sharp decline in the number of volunteers- but you can help. UPTFCo will guide you in becoming a Firefighter or a member of the fire police, at no expense to you.

Although, our mission statement proclaims, we pledge to protect the life and property of the residence of Upper Pottsgrove township, we also hold social events,participate in parades, as well as supporting various charities.

In return for your involvement in the volunteer fire service, we hope to offer you:

A sense of pride

An increase in self esteem

An Adrenaline rush

Leadership Potential


So don’t hesitate Submit an application, and become part of a great organization.

 Please stop by the station for a application. 

We have training night Thursday evenings.